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    Post  Ame on Sat Dec 04, 2010 8:16 pm

    1~): No posting links that have pornographic content in them.

    2~): No posting a link that may have viruses in them and yes..there are links with viruses encoded into them.

    3~): Starting as of today on this 2nd. day of December 2010 there is to be no talk containing reproductive organs and or body parts of that kind.

    4~): Keep the talk in the chatbox at a professional level.

    5~): Respect the genders on this site in other words..don't think because one is a boy/girl that you can just disrespect them with profound remarks.

    6~): No clowning around 24/7 in the chatbox its alright if you joke at times,but don't over do it with the jokes.

    7~): If there is a moderator or an administrator in the chatbox please show them some respect and they will show you respect.

    8~): If your going to swear in the chatbox PLEASE be sure that there isn't an adolescent in the chatbox because some words shouldn't be said.
    A adolescent here as in age 10 to 13.

    9~): Please treat others in the chatbox with respect thank you.^^

    10~): Please don't use any words that is considered racist to gender,origin,religion,lack of religion and race.

    If any of these rules are broken and if its a major infraction you will be banned from the chatbox for a total on 3 days or more depending on what rule was broke.

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