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    Clan factions and types: Empty Clan factions and types:

    Post  Rozerem on Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:04 pm

    There is more then one type of clan that players need to know and should know.

    1:War clans.
    This class if for all out wars and is considered the backbone of the clan itself.

    2:Special operation clans.
    This class has many roles in game clans,exmp:Spy,hacker,assassinations and agents.

    3:Negotiation clans.
    This class is set up for peace talks and try's to help other clans solve problems without creating anymore unwanted bullsh*t to get things fixed.

    4:Rouge clans.
    These clans can be very hostile depending on the leader and its members,but there are times that a clan like this can be a very good thing depending on what the clan was made for.

    5:Hacker clans.
    Now here's a clan people need to be aware of..some hacker clans are very hostile with there codelist and are to be approached with caution if they abuse the codes on there list,others are quite friendly and can be helpful in more then one way so long as they aren't used for personal gain or power.If a clan is using codes to be hostile to others for no good reason they are considered a "Blackhat clan" (google it for information on what a blackhat is).

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