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    Till psn is back up and running:


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    Till psn is back up and running: Empty Till psn is back up and running:

    Post  Rozerem on Wed May 04, 2011 2:53 pm

    We might as well just sit tight and relax..I would recommend playing other games or spending time with friends,family and loved ones in real life or read a book because god only knows when they will get it back up and from the looks of it from what I've seen its still down,but I have important real life things I must do before I can think of psn like my daughter and finding a girlfriend as well as bills to pay and other important details that are in my opinion more important.I will be on the site when I can,but I do recommend others try and focus on important matters as well.I'll look into what I can about psn's problem and I'll update the members here when I get a better insight on this issue.

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