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    A guide to :Vanguard the jack of all trades^^


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    A guide to :Vanguard the jack of all trades^^ Empty A guide to :Vanguard the jack of all trades^^

    Post  Guest on Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:18 am

    ok so its kamiry again time to make another guide for all of you peeps ^^
    what is a Vanguard :vanguard is the jack of all trades or the hybrid of all classes any race is capable of dominating in this class.

    things to know about Vanguard: the importance on vanguard is that vanguard use traps or bomb if you want to call it that to deal massive amounts of damage.Vanguards MAINLY USE 1HANDER WEPs that means when u extend your weps it will cost less to put them into one handers ALSO if YOU extend INTO TWIN SABERS OR TWIN CLAWS it is friendly towards it that means it wont cost much because those two weps add evasion which Vanguard is a heavy evasion class.

    which traps do what?
    fire traps do great aoe damage
    exfire traps do aoe multi hits = alot of damage and can decimate groups
    exstun traps do aoe and stun enemy into place which can save people
    the virus trap cannot be used by VA's but the light traps can which confuses foes
    the freezing trap freezes foes for a short amount of time very useful when you run out of EXtraps.

    How do i get EX traps?: simple beat story mode, story mode isnt that hard .. chapter 9 and 10 = shizuruand final im not going to spoil so thats up to others if you want help just pm me ^^.
    whats a good VA build ?: theres MANY MANY MANY VA builds honestly its up to you on what you like.
    theres RA hybrid ---> rifle handgun+saber t handgun ect ect
    theres FOhybrid--->wand+rmag or mmag wand +shield sabaer +mmag rod and cards
    theres HU hybrid--->or for old schoolers PROTANSER <3 heavy weps + traps spears swordsaxes i rec a t dag or dag_ shield for chaining because comboing will be a pain
    my build ACROMASTER type i made that up lol but its in psp1
    weps i use varys for my mood. i use tdags slicers rmag, dag+shield or rmag, claws and a double saber for aoe also i use wands+shield just for buffs.

    whats your type of VA and why do you use it ANg?
    heh my build well i told you some of the weps but i will tell you a secret many people dont know or understand,,i choose to be an EVA vanguard my main weps focus on EVA boosting so i wont get hit because iam a NEWMAN .NEWMANS have the HIGHEST EVA so i do not focus on damage but because of my gear which is very rare i can deal massive damage w/o traps am i the best HECK no am i skilled at what i do HECK YES lol
    weps that add eva stats are.....
    slicers ,crossbows,twinclaws,twinsabers. some shields add EVA and t dags.
    the best EVA combo oddly as this sounds is SLICER+CROSSBOW. i maxout my gear with pure legs+either whitil wings or darkness wings and i end up with over 700 eva ,thus i barely get hit .
    is there any other classor race that can do this? depends on you FO has sec best EVA . BEAST CAN DO THE EVA BUILD JUST AS WELL AS NEWMANS but they lack some eva but with more atk just with crap acc.
    abilities?: the main abilities to go for is elemental hit for RA lv 8 i believe and burst bomber from vanguard itself. others you can change depending on what you want VA is very flexible ^^

    ending notes:\
    my wep set is pretty strange but is fun to use.
    the weps i use is
    Shippujinlai+eye of rykros :easternperil could get as HU or VA
    tenimuso: only 2 ways to get these.. dlc challange 3 platinumitem or acendant rank
    twinkamui: get these at whitebeasts S i think HU VA and FO can get them i saw a FO lead get them but they are hard to get
    kamui:can get these at whitebeasts also VERY VERY RARE
    catastrophe: get from astarks lv 150-200 BEST SLICER
    Rykros scepter+victory : can get this from max 3 OR
    i have many more weps.. i can make a video if yall would like one of my gear setup ect ect if needing any advice im more then happy to answer
    kamiry out ,DUECCES<3ima bout to take my nap lol lol!

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