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    The Site Rules... Empty The Site Rules...

    Post  Ame on Sat Dec 04, 2010 8:14 pm

    [b]These are the official site rules, they are easy to follow, don't blow your chance to get kicked out of the site.

    1~) No harassment of any kind,that includes racial remarks/slures,putting down someone because of there nationality if you have a problem with anyone, Private Message an Administrator or one of the moderators.

    2~) Please place topics in proper forums, nothing out of place please, don't think it will fly.

    3~) Respect members on this site.

    4~) No flaming in the forums, if you are caught, you will be given a warning on your profile via. PM by me or another Admin.(use the flaming section/spam)

    5~) No videos containing pornographic material.

    6~) When you post a picture make sure it is appropriate for ALL and it don't contain anything that is considered nudity or degradeing in any way.

    7~) Members on the site are to be expected to follow ALL the rules this includes Admins. and Mods.

    8~) Don't abuse your Admin. or Mod. powers doing so will result in your IP and or account getting banned for a total of 3 days.

    9~) Don't just post in the spam forum there are other forums to,if you post in just the spam forum it will be locked for some time till other posts are made.

    10~) Don't use the site for "Personal" reasons like getting a girlfriend,this sites NOT an online dating service if you are found trying to use the site for that reason YOUR gone no ifs ands or buts simple as that.

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